Ideas and itineraries to discover Basilicata



Many people do not know it, others confuse it with a part of Puglia or Campania, just because Basilicata is hidden in the heart of the South, with its mysterious forests and its villages perched in the mountains, where time seems to stand still. Travelling through Basilicata means getting lost between green hills and yellow fields, meeting a beautiful nature and a magical land full of stories handed down from father to son drinking a glass of Aglianico.

“Basilicata da Vedere” was born to accompany the visitor on a journey that begins and ends on the web, between castles, sunny beaches and ghost towns.


What is “Basilicata da Vedere”

“Basilicata da Vedere” is a project created to promote tourism in Basilicata. In our website we have dedicated detailed maps and descriptions to the nicest places in the region, because we are convinced that the real journey starts before leaving and that knowing the stories of a place, a wine or a typical dish make the experience unforgettable.


What we do

Any tourist starts a journey for several reasons: love of nature, art or history, desire to get away from the routine and daily stress. For this reason we suggest different routes each one with its own theme (culture, taste, nature). All what you have to do is to choose your preferred location and contact us: we will do the rest!


Who are we

We are three professionals working in the field of tourism and culture. We are Antonio, Marco and Massimo. We grew up in Basilicata. We left it because of study and work reasons, and we came back to see it with different eyes. Now we see it with the eyes of one who found something he thought he had lost and realizes that what seemed obvious is actually wonderful. We decided to speak about it and make it known to you. We are convinced that Basilicata is a fascinating region that is worth visiting.